About Us

Bourekas, Etc. has been a family recipe for over forty years. Inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, the recipe has provided constant joy whether it was included in catering events or just as simple snacks to eat with our children.


Our mission at Bourekas, Etc. is to provide a fresh new approach by handcrafting our mouth-watering bourekas that will help nourish your body with healthy nutrients. If the healthy alternative to zero trans fat bourekas is not enough to entice you, the numerous options will. Choose from a variety of dough and several stuffing options, which include mushrooms, artichokes, potato, spinach, different cheeses and even eggplant.


Our ingredients are 100% fresh and natural, tasty, nutritious and have zero trans fat. With trans fat free Bourekas, you can go ahead and indulge in one, or two or three… Bourekas, Etc. a healthy option for your delight. Kosher Miami and Cholov Ysroel certified. Meat and Parve options available as well.


Bourekas, Etc. A healthy option for your delight.